Q&A with Ed Taylor

As our ‘live discussion’ artist for the Porlock Arts Festival we wanted to find out a little more about what inspires and challenges the potter, Ed Taylor’s work:

HG: When and how did you become an artist?

ET: I didn’t, I became a designer. I want people to use the things I make. I hope people like the way they look but they’re pots not pictures. I like some Art but it’s not what I do.

HG: What made you choose to work in your particular discipline?

ET: One of my Grandfather’s was a labourer in the local brick works. The other smelted steel in his Sheffield Foundry. What else would I do? When I was about 6, my family went to look for newts in a nearby stream. There was clay in the bank. I made a pot. I took it home and stuck it in the oven. It blew up. I learnt.

HG: Where do you find and what do you look to for inspiration?

ET: Everything. If there is one thing that influences me the most it’s the Bialeti Moka coffee maker. Balance of function, form and great coffee :)

HG: What unique style do you bring to your work?

ET: That’s for others to say

HG: How has your style changed over the years? What influences have you had?

ET: Great Potters: Cardew, Leach, Casson et al. and Celadon from the East.

HG: What do you find challenges you the most in your line of work and the materials you work with?

ET: You never run out of challenges in Pottery.

HG: Where are you looking to take your work next?

ET: One of these days I’m going to have a go at Porcelain. The really high temperature stuff!