2019 Exhibitions

22nd March to 23rd May

Spirit of Exmoor

A joint venture from four local artists:

Teri Parnell

Teri previously studied design and the technological aspects of fashion and jewellery making.
Now working within a group of artists who are happy to share their skills and ideas with each other, Teri has returned to exploring making art on paper.  She continues to draw and re-draw images she liked as a child in order to create new pictures. She is influenced by other artists work particularly in the ‘naïve’ style.  Current inspiration includes animals, nature, the sky, the dark and folklore.

Laurence Rowlands

Laurence is a Porlock based artist whose inspiration comes from his passion for walking on Exmoor. His recent work has been a series of drawings, paintings and prints exploring folklore.  With his previous exhibition focusing on the green man, this one will continue the theme of the spirit of Exmoor.

Angela Newbold

Angela Newbold’s love of fabric moves into other medias, including drawing, painting, printing and working with costume and props.  Her work is a continued journey of exploration through the use of materials that have had a previous life reflecting layers of age and history.  Her work for ‘Spirit of Exmoor’ has been inspired by the wildness and strength of the environment and the people living within it.

Anita Davis

Anita studied graphics at Bournemouth College of Art.  She then went on to work as an art director in advertising for nearly 40 years.  She has worked at many big London advertising agencies, mostly concentrating on TV commercials.  She has always had an interest in photography, especially the power of the black and white image.

24th May to 5th July

James Power – Artist

James lives in Suffolk but has been a regular visitor to Exmoor over many years, where he enjoys painting and helping run art workshops.  He is an active member of various art societies including the Society of Equestrian Artist, the Institute of East Anglian Artists and the Suffolk Plein Air Society.  He has exhibited in galleries for many years in London and around the UK.  He is currently linked with the Munnings Museum and associated with Dedham and Essex, tutoring in the area through the summer months. One of his passions is Plein Air painting. 

6th July to 7th September

Judith Westcott – Woodcut Prints

Whilst studying at Plymouth University, Judith discovered printmaking.  She went on to achieve a Fine Art BAHons.  On completing her degree, she feels lucky to have caught the final years of the traditional print rooms with presses, inks, papers and processes going back centuries and she has continued to make relief prints ever since.  She became a part of the print collective Pine Feroda five years ago and continues to learn through working with the other members of the group, finding that these experiences feed back into her own woodcuts.

8th September onward

Graham Towler – Local Landscapes

Landscapes have always been Graham’s motivation to paint and this exhibiton focuses mainly on Exmoor. He feels that the medium of paint allows him to capture the various tones, colours and textures created by the natural world.