Q&A with Rosemary Jacks

Rosemary talks to The Harbour Gallery about her love for pottery and the fun she finds in her profession!

HG: When and how did you become an artist?

RJ: I was fascinated by potters throwing pots on the wheel and wanted to have a go. When I moved to Devon over 20 years ago I started an evening class and things progressed from there. After filling the house with pottery equipment and finally moving into the shed I started selling my work and became “professional” when my youngest child started school 6 years ago.

HG: What made you choose to work in your particular discipline?

RJ: Just watching a competent potter throw a pot caught my imagination and I had to try it. The possibilities with clay are endless.
HG: Where do you find and what do you look to for inspiration?

RJ: I’m inspired by nature but in a simple, humourous way.

HG: What unique style do you bring to your work?

RJ: My pots needed to be functional but I want them to be interesting to look at and fun to use.
 HG: How has your style changed over the years? What influences have you had?

RJ: I have developed the forms of my pots, using interesting shapes and styles as my throwing ability has become more confident. I love the simplicity of folk art and particularly love the traditional pottery of North Devon, with its generous form and simple country decoration.
HG:  What do you find challenges you the most in your line of work and the materials you work with? 

RJ: Potting involves a series of small steps which need to be done when the clay has the right moisture content. Just keeping the processes going can be challenging especially with the British weather…too hot and pieces dry out in a flash, too wet and cold and things can take weeks to dry. I’m also very constricted by space at the moment.

HG:  Where are you looking to take your work next?

RJ: I’m interested in trying some simple tableware made from stoneware. There are some excellent Japanese potters making very elegant, stylish pots which I’m drawn to. Quite a change from my usual wares.